Juris’ Second Annual Damages in International Arbitration Conference

12 Dec 13

On September 18, Dr. Leonardo Giacchino, partner and founder of Solutions Economics LLC, gave a presentation entitled “Perspectives on Damages Claims: Claimant’s Expert’s Perspective in Investment Arbitration (Focus on Utilities)” at Juris’ Second Annual Damages in International Arbitration Conference. The conference’s purpose was to explore how attention to damages issues may be fruitful, and how clients and counsel can make the best use of their damages experts, from the initial evaluation of the case, through the development of the case and, ultimately, in the merits hearing.

Dr. Giacchino explained in his presentation the approach taken by a damages expert for a claimant in an international arbitration case. Topics discussed in the presentation included how to choose a valuation method, valuation date, discount rate, and period of analysis, as well as how to incorporate different assumptions and inputs for valuation, alternative calculations, and specific nuances of the industry or claim. The presentation was intended for an audience of lawyers and related professions who could benefit from gaining insight into the approaches taken by arbitration expert witnesses. For more information, click here. 

Dr. Leonardo Giacchino provides valuation and economic analysis and advisory services in litigation matters. He has worked in more than 30 countries on over 100 projects addressing economic, financial and regulatory issues. He is also the coauthor (with Dr. Jonathan Lesser) of Fundamentals of Energy Regulation (PUR, 2007) and Principles of Utilities Corporate Finance (PUR, 2011).

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