AU Seminar on International Arbitration Damages led by Leonardo Giacchino and Boris J. Steffen

27 Sep 13

On September 26-27, Dr. Leonardo Giacchino, partner and founder of Solutions Economics LLC, and Boris J. Steffen, Managing Director at Gavin Solmonese LLC, led a two-day seminar at American University’s Washington College of Law Center on International Commercial Arbitration, entitled “Understanding Damages and Compensation in International Commercial and Investment Arbitration.”  The seminar provided practical knowledge to understand the determination of damages and compensation in arbitration.

Dr. Giacchino and Dr. Steffen presented valuation topics in a practical and non-technical manner, guiding the participants through case scenarios to teach economic, financial and accounting concepts and principles in international arbitration.  Participants did not need to have previous knowledge in those fields.  Through practical examples, participants learned to understand the rationale of each valuation method to determine a compensation amount in an international arbitration.  Speakers covered, from the preliminary stages of an arbitration, each aspect of valuation of a case: identifying data and key assumptions, choice of methods, value determination and interest. For more information, click here.

Dr. Leonardo Giacchino provides valuation and economic analysis and advisory services in litigation matters. He has worked in more than 30 countries on over 100 projects addressing economic, financial and regulatory issues. He is also the coauthor (with Dr. Jonathan Lesser) of Fundamentals of Energy Regulation (PUR, 2007) and Principles of Utilities Corporate Finance (PUR, 2011).

Boris Steffen is an expert in accounting, corporate finance, valuation and solvency with multi-industry, multicompany experience assisting clients in managing a wide range of operating, financing, and investing transactions, claims and litigation with over twenty years of experience.

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