Leonardo Giacchino and Jonathan Lesser publish second edition of Fundamentals of Energy Regulation

02 Jan 14

BETHESDA, MD January 2, 2014—The second edition of Fundamentals of Energy Regulation, by Solutions Economics founder and partner, Dr. Leonardo Giacchino, and Continental Economics president, Dr. Jonathan Lesser, is now available.  The new edition updates and expands this popular text with new regulatory topics and case law, including pricing and competition in the natural gas industry, the impacts of shale gas markets, how regulators have addressed market manipulation in wholesale electric energy and capacity markets, quasi-competitive natural gas pipeline markets and cost allocation issues, risk allocation in the electric utility industry, renewable energy and transmission policy, RTO and ISO operations, international cost of capital estimation, price cap adjustments, and more.

Fundamentals of Energy Regulation is designed to meet the needs of a broad range of practitioners, including regulators, attorneys, energy company managers, economists, and accountants, as well as students in all of these fields.  The book provides practical and specific guidance on economic and regulatory concepts used in ratemaking and regulatory oversight.  Fundamentals of Energy Regulation, 2nd Edition is now available for purchase.

Dr. Leonardo Giacchino has extensive expertise in international arbitration, global investor services, and regulatory strategy for utilities, and has testified in U.S. Courts, international arbitration courts, and public utility commissions in numerous countries.

Dr. Jonathan Lesser has almost 30 years of experience working for regulated utilities, the government, and as an economic consultant.  He has testified in U.S. Courts, public utility commissions in the US and Latin America and before legislative committees in numerous states on critical economic and regulatory issues affecting the energy industry.

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